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Blueberry Pie Pillow Fairy

Blueberry Pie Pillow Fairy


One night, Timmy's pillow mysteriously turned into a blueberry pie, filling his room with a sweet, fruity aroma. Delighted and curious, he shared slices with his family, who all agreed it was the most delicious pie they'd ever tasted. The next morning, Timmy found a note under his new pillow, promising more magical surprises if he continued to dream big.


Top:  Butter, Sugar

Middle:  Blueberry

Base:  Graham Cracker, Vanilla


Wickless candles: Are candles without a flame! Simply place candle on warmer and enjoy the clean aroma. More safer no pollutant and healthier. Flameless and Smokeless.


Wickless Candle details: Listing is for one wickless candle approximately 2 oz. Care Card included. For use with electric candle warmer.

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