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Mistletoe Whisper

Mistletoe Whisper


Atmosphere: In a snowy forest, Lily, who can communicate with nature, embarks on a journey guided by whispers to find an ancient mistletoe tree said to grant everlasting love. At the Winter Ball, she shares her quest with villagers. At midnight, beneath the mistletoe tree's boughs, couples kiss, and the tree seems to bless them. Laughter and joy fill the air, reinforcing the bond between nature and humanity. The ball ends with villagers carrying home the memory of the mistletoe's magical whisper and the promise of enduring love.


Aroma: Comforting warmth of clove intertwined with the invigorating pine and fir notes. Amidst this woodsy harmony, the sweet and zesty essence of orange danced, creating an olfactory symphony that invoked memories of cozy evenings by the fireplace and walks through a snow-covered forest.


Scented Wax Melt: Fashioned with the finest quality fragrance oil, our exquisitely scented wax melts boast both beauty and aroma. Each melt weights 1 oz. You can adjust the level of fragrance by selecting the number of wax cubes you heat, ensuring a distinct experience with every use.

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