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Seductively Yours


Atmosphere: Seductively Yours is designed to captivate and seduce. Whether it's used to set an intimate mood or to leave a lasting impression, this scent embodies sophistication and sensuality. Make every moment unforgettable with the enchanting allure of Intriguingly Yours.


Aroma: Get ready for the sexiest fragrance you've ever experienced. Seductively Yours is spicy, woody, and seductive. A commanding scent with a knock-out hot throw and a sophisticated perfumery fragrance.


Top Notes: Juniper, Moss
Heart Notes: Saffron, Nutmeg
Base Notes: Cognac, Palo Santo

Essential Oils: Nutmeg Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Essence Oil, Gurjun Balsam Oil, Amyris Oil


Wickless Candle: Experience flameless candles. Just set the candle on the warmer and relish the pure fragrance. Safer, without pollutants, and promoting health. Free from flames and smoke.

The fragrance oils utilized are unparalleled in comparison to those available in the market, possessing a remarkable uniqueness, one-of-a-kind character, and exceptional quality.

Our intensely fragrant wickless candle weighs approximately 2 oz each. These travel tins are designed to be used with an electric candle warmer, and a Care Card is provided for your convenience.


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