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Hey There!

Welcome to Scented Whisper candle & meditation company. We are excited to share our vision and mission. Hopefully you 

walk with us in this journey!

Vision & Mission:

At Scented Whisper we have a love for strong unique scents, a desire to inspire joy and creativity and have a passion for people’s emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

We have a passion for people because we truly believe that there is nothing more valuable than a person’s soul. We believe that from the soul bursts the abundance of who we are. But sometimes throughout the journey of life that soul can become broken down and tired, like a wounded warrior who has become exhausted in the battlefield. Through the battlefield that soul can become heavy ladened and burdened. Yet, when it has an encounter with the whisper of truth and love, that soul can find true rest and the seeds of strength and resilience can begin to be nurtured. It is through this rest that a broken soul can be mended and find healing. The journey of healing isn’t always an easy one, but it is always worth it, and we truly believe that once this journey is embarked on every soul will be able to know its value and worth.

Therefore, it is our mission to assist you on this journey through scents and meditations, so that your body and soul can experience the feeling of rest, renewal, and sense of value it deserves.


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