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Image by Emmanuel Phaeton
Image by Sixteen Miles Out
Excited to tell you a little about me!

About Me

My name is Rosa, the founder of Scented Whisper, and throughout my life I have felt like a wounded warrior, a warrior in the midst of a battlefield for my soul. My experiences in life have broken me down, but not defeated me and have given me an immense sense of yearning and compassion for those who walk through life as wounded warriors too. As a survivor of early childhood abuse, a relationship of domestic violence and having raised my two kids as a single mother, and care given for an ill son, I know what it feels to walk in a journey that feels like the troubles will not end. In the questioning, in my doubts, in my pains I have felt heavy ladened and burdened, but in the midst of it all I have experienced moments of the touch of a heavenly whisper that give me the rest and strength to keep journeying.

Throughout my life it has been my mission for people to have the same encounter that reminds them how precious their soul is. With a passion for dramatized storytelling, creativity and imagination I have always sought to share this message of hope in creative ways, through dramas, puppetry, anecdotes, songs and more. Recently, in my healing journey I have experienced the delight and rest that can come from scents and meditations; thus, inspiring a desire to use these as a new and creative way to communicate the message of hope and healing with the assistance of my family who carry the same vision and mission as me. Combining their talents, we are able to create this space of immersive fun and healing through our senses.


It is our desire that everyone who purchases our candles or visits our site is blessed by the whisper ​of love, peace and healing.

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