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Our Types of Meditation Thank you for choosing Scented Whisper… Where we believe that there is a heavenly message of hope and healing for everyone that can be experienced through the gift of our senses. Below, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the types of meditations we offer. What is guided imagery? Guided imagery is a relaxation technique that involves using the power of imagination to create vivid mental images or scenarios in order to stimulate the senses and engage the mind's eye. Each experience is intended to evoke positive feelings, relaxation, or healing. The imagined scenario will often involve detailed sensory descriptions, including sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and even tactile sensations. The goal is to immerse your mind in the imagined experience. What do the guided experiential journeys consist of? Our guided experiential journeys are crafted to engage an experiential exercise in combination with guided imagery. However, the guided imageries are written with the intent to help you experience and process different emotions and/or explore various mental health topics in a metaphoric way that assists in engaging sometimes difficult topics in a creative externalized manor. These guided imageries also have attached a creative exercise that can be done alongside the guided imagery to further enhance its effects and/or continue to dig deeper if you so choose to. You may be asked to write, paint, play, journal and more as part of the experiential piece. What are storytelling meditations? Our storytelling meditations will incorporate a creative vivid and calming narrative of a short story, anecdote, or illustration that is meant to convey a special message of healing, wisdom, and/or empowerment. You will be guided to imagine the setting, characters, sounds, and smells of the story and meditate on the message shared.

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Lush Rainforest

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Disclaimer: Our meditations are intended to be listened to in a setting where you can make yourself comfortable. Please do not listen to our meditations if you are driving or engaged in any other activity that requires your full attention. Some guided imagery recordings may evoke certain emotions in you. If that is the case, simply allow yourself to experience the feelings and let them move in and out. However, if any of the imagery is upsetting to you, we recommend you discontinue listening to it.

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