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Pilgrims Journey Collection

Pilgrims Journey Collection


Experience the lavish selection of our wickless candle scents, elegantly presented in three 2 oz tin containers for your enjoyment.


Beautifully Broken:  Amidst a sun-kissed grove, a gentle breeze carried the delicate scent of orange blossoms, creating an ethereal dance of fragrance. As dusk fell, the gardenia's dewy embrace and the enchanting allure of night-blooming florals mingled, weaving a tapestry of floral dreams, embraced by the comforting warmth of spiced vanilla beneath a starlit sky.


Pilgrims Journey:  Embarking on a delightful voyage, this fragrance guides you through a range of sensations, from sweet to alluring. The initial burst of cherry and coconut transports you to a luxurious beach setting, while the nutty almond and Arabian jasmine evoke the vibrant spice. The journey concludes with the captivating embrace of vanilla and Tonka bean, leaving a vivid and sensuous trail.


Celestial City:  The gentle scent of magnolia blossom danced on the air, entwined with the earthy richness of tobacco leaf and the sweet embrace of rich, dark vanilla, evoking a sensory journey that whispered tales of hidden gardens and timeless indulgence. Hot throw is HEAVENLY!!!


Wickless Candle: Experience flameless candles. Just set the candle on the warmer and relish the pure fragrance. Safer, without pollutants, and promoting health. Free from flames and smoke.


The fragrance oils utilized are unparalleled in comparison to those available in the market, possessing a remarkable uniqueness, one-of-a-kind character, and exceptional quality.


Our intensely fragrant wickless candle weighs approximately 2 oz each. These travel tins are designed to be used with an electric candle warmer, and a Care Card is provided for your convenience.

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