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Black Tea & Tabacco

Black Tea & Tabacco


Aroma: Discover tales from bygone eras while enjoying black tea within the confines of a historic Boston Bay brownstone. Allow the spirit of time-imbued walls, saturated with centuries of tobacco smoke, to be your guide. With shelves adorned with spiced bourbon and leather booths infused with warm vanilla, immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the scents of Lemon Rind, Orange Peel, and Plum Wine create a captivating and opulent olfactory narrative. It's a fragrance that beckons addiction and indulgence in the art of storytelling.


Wickless candles: Are candles without a flame!  Simply place candle on warmer and enjoy the clean aroma. More safer no pollutant and healthier. Flameless and Smokeless.


Wickless Candle details: Listing is for one wickless candle approximately 2 oz. Care Card included. For use with electric candle warmer.

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