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Cherry Pipe Tobacco

Cherry Pipe Tobacco


Aroma: Elevate your senses with a superior aroma where the sweet essence of cherry gracefully intertwines with the smoky nuances of premium tobacco. This captivating fragrance exudes warmth and allure, harmonizing robust tobacco tones with the spicy richness of tonka bean, complemented by subtle hints of almond and aged leather. Immerse yourself in a memorable olfactory experience reminiscent of cozy reading nooks, wisps of cherry pipe smoke, and refined moments of relaxation.


Wickless candles: Are candles without a flame. Simply place candle on warmer and enjoy the clean aroma. Safer, no pollutant and healthier. Flameless and Smokeless.


Wickless Candle details: Listing is for one wickless candle approximately 2 oz. Care Card included. For use with electric candle warmer

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