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Country Cottage Picnic

Country Cottage Picnic


Aroma: At the country cottage picnic, the air is alive with the delicate sweetness of elderflower and the juicy aroma of ripe strawberries, evoking the essence of a bountiful harvest. Fresh ozone whispers of a passing summer storm, while the comforting scent of black tea and the soft embrace of wildflowers and woods create an atmosphere of rustic charm and tranquil relaxation, heightened by the golden warmth of amber.


Wickless candles: Are candles without a flame! Simply place candle on warmer and enjoy the clean aroma. More safer no pollutant and healthier. Flameless and Smokeless.


Wickless Candle details: Listing is for one wickless candle approximately 2 oz. Care Card included. For use with electric candle warmer.

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