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Lavender Hot Springs

Lavender Hot Springs


Atmosphere: Purple ombre sunsets; infinite lavender fields with fireflies and butterflies dancing in the moonlight, the sounds of water rushing into a warm hot spring


Aromas: This scent epitomizes an unparalleled approach to lavender-centric perfumery. The essence of Serene English lavender gracefully mingles with the vibrant notes of Meyer lemon, intricately woven with the opulence of Tahitian Vanilla, resulting in the creation of an exquisitely rare and luxurious fragrance.  Inspiring a sense of relaxation and dreamlike wonder.


Wickless Candle:  Experience flameless candles. Just set the candle on the warmer and relish the pure fragrance. Safer, without pollutants, and promoting health. Free from flames and smoke.


The fragrance oils utilized are unparalleled in comparison to those available in the market, possessing a remarkable uniqueness, one-of-a-kind character, and exceptional perfume quality.


Our intensely fragrant wickless candle weighs approximately 4 oz. It's designed to be used with an electric candle warmer, and a Care Card is provided for your convenience

  • Candle Care

    Burning Instructions: Remove lid and all labels from tin before use. Use in a ventilated area. Do not leave warmer on more than 4 hours. Candle can be reused until there is no fragrance left.


    Warning: Never leave unattended. Turn off before leaving a room. Place in a stable and resistant surface. Keep away from pets, children, and flammable objects.

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