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Strawberry Vanilla Bourbon Melt

Strawberry Vanilla Bourbon Melt


Aroma: Indulge in an enchanting olfactory journey with our exquisite Bourbon Strawberry and Vanilla fusion! Immerse yourself in the mysterious depths of bourbon intertwined with the luscious sweetness of ripe strawberries and velvety vanilla. Brace yourself for a sensory symphony that captivates with its audacious charm and irresistible allure. Prepare to be swept away by an aromatic experience unlike any other!


Scented Wax Melt: Crafted with the finest quality fragrance oil, our exquisitely scented wax melts boast both beauty and aroma. The fragrance oils utilized are unparalleled in comparison to those available in the market, possessing a remarkable uniqueness, one-of-a-kind character.


Each melt weights 1 oz. You can adjust the level of fragrance by selecting the number of wax cubes you heat, ensuring a distinct experience with every use.

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