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Voyage of Sailors

Voyage of Sailors


Atmosphere: The sea is calling your name, you embark on an unexpected voyage aboard a timbered ship, the sails go up, the ship rocks back and forth, the thunderstorm cloud’s role in but looking past the clouds is the seashore that inspires hope that the tumultuous voyage will be completed.


Aromas: Navigating through seaside coasts, aquatic sparkling blue waters, arriving at the shore where citrus blossoms are peeking through the sand. It's clean fresh and rejuvenating!!!

Essential Oil: Cypress Oil, Cedarleaf Oil, Patchouli Oil


Scented Wax Melt:Crafted with the finest quality fragrance oil, our exquisitely scented wax melts boast both beauty and aroma. 


The fragrance oils utilized are unparalleled in comparison to those available in the market, possessing a remarkable uniqueness, one-of-a-kind character, and exceptional perfume quality.


Each melt weights 1 oz. You can adjust the level of fragrance by selecting the number of wax cubes you heat, ensuring a distinct experience with every use.

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